Bears, Bins, Built to last!

Having an ideal waste solution wouldn’t be complete in Canada without addressing the issue of bears invading waste containers. So in 2002, shortly after starting business in Canada, Molok North America developed a bear lid and lifting system.  Constructed of sturdy steel, these lids were specifically designed to prevent wildlife from getting into the container at all.  Even though Molok® containers emit minimal odour, bears are smart enough to figure out where to go to scrounge up a snack.

These lids have already been installed and in constant use in Canada for 18 years and still in use today.  Algonquin Park, The Township of Madawaska Valley, Peterborough County, Prince Albert National Park Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray Alberta commercial and Lil’wat – First Nations in BC, to name a few, all have Molok® containers installed with bear lids to help keep wildlife out. Fitting our M-5000, M-3000 and M-1300 models, there’s a container size to suit every application, wherever bear populations might be a concern. What held true 18 years ago when these lids were invented, still holds true today, and we are pleased to announce:

We are certified Black Bear Resistant!

With a Molok® sample unit set up in the testing facility, WildSafeBC conducted tests for our bear lids.  Baited with assorted attractive food smells and tastes for the bears, the testing requires an hour of constant contact with the container, without the bears being able to breach the outside of the container in anyway.

The Molok® container, including the lid and framing, all stayed intact during the testing, with the bears at one point easily ripping off the outer sign trying to get in. We are excited to say that the Molok® container, with our tried and now tested bear resistant lid, passed with flying colours, enduring several hours of rough handling by these hungry bears.

Two Black Bears, Knute & Dawson, part of the WildLifeBC team, helped test our bear lids.